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Unit 3 - Depression and Second World War - 1929-1945 (2P)

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Unit Question - How did Canadians React to Extreme Problems? (Historical Perspectives)


Unit Task - Extreme News Report (1930s) and/or News Article WWII in Canada


Unit Consolidation:

1) Add events to the class timeline - see example here - groups decide which events are most significant, defend them and class votes on which go on the wall. You can colour code the events - more pride or more shame or neutral
2) At the end of every unit, check in with the Course Questions using the Skills Inventory and the My Five "Blog Post" (it might work better as a My Three)




Course question introduction: 

Use sticky notes - write down 1 problem that you have had in the last few months. Place it on the board under the ranking (1-5) where 5 is the most extreme.

A useful handout to help with this activity

 Journal Reflect(choose 2)

  • Is your problem as extreme as you thought it was at first? Why or why not?
  • Would someone else's problem be more or less extreme for you? Why?
  • Predict how you think your problems might compare to those of Canadians in the Depression and Second World War 




Activity 1:

Depression Voices


Product: Extreme News Article


Stock Market Crash - Effects

Watch the Video on the impacts of the crash on Canadians 


Explore the Depression Voices Map (D2L online course learning object)

Choose 4 "voices" and rate their problems on the Extreme Scale

Provide reasoning for why (could be done in small groups)


Watch selected clips from Canada: A People's History Episode 13 - add to extremes ranking


Select a person or voice from the Depression to write a news article about. Use Googledocs for your drafts and revise using comments




Activity 2:

Second World War 










Activity 3:

Second World War


Product: News Article: Canada in WWII



March 30



Twenties Assessment


When finished:

Consider Unit 3 Question:

How did Canadians react to extreme problems?


Find examples of documents in the texts that show a variety of problems dealt with 1929-1945



Big Questions Review and Skills Inventory


Unit 3: 1929-45

April 1


Topic 1: The Great Depression

How well did the government deal with the depression?


Treatment of the Unemployed - worksheet from CSI textbook




Intro to Royal Commission assignment or Letter to Government






November 4


What would you do to solve the economic crisis?


Who does what? Refresher on Fed, Prov, Municipal responsibilities

Develop Criteria for Effective Government



Canada: A People's History Hard Times clips








Canada: A People's History Hard Times clips



Begin research for


Letter to the Government


Choose your character

Read one source and take notes

Mid Term Reflection







Canada: A People's History Hard Times clips


Continue research for


Letter to the Government


Read a second source and take notes


Begin writing rough draft




Finish rough draft of 


Begin/finish good copy



Complete and hand in Letter to the Government

Memory Box 


1) If not complete, finish significance worksheet for artifact #1


2) Research an artifact for your character from the Depression, complete another significance worksheet



November 11

Remembrance Reflection:


1) What was memorable about the cenotaph, or assembly?

2) Should Remembrance day be a holiday?

3) Should the grade 10s go to the national ceremony next year?


Topic 2: Second World War

Your Questions about WWII

The Road to War slides



Watch People's Century, 1933 -Master Race


and begin to answer some of your questions





Battles of the Air and Sea


Discuss and write: Which theater would you prefer to be in?


Explain why

Interactive map of WWII - The European theater








Storming Juno


PD Day No School

November 18


Finish watching Storming Juno 




Sandbox activity

Recreate the battle at Juno Beach.


  Research  to prepare for your sandbox


Homework: Bring what you need for your sandbox Thursday 







 Canadian Experience Jigsaw




Sandbox activity - bring what you need to recreate your battle


Take notes using organizer





Memory Box Summative work day


Should have first artifact and significance sheet completed

Nov. 25


Read: Nostalgia (1945 yearbook)


What are the Changes? Continuities?


Glebe's WWII soldiers Remix

Choose your soldier and work on your memorial





Spot the Inference

(page 2)


Sign in to Glebe gmail

- make a copy of the Glebe's WWII soldiers Remix

- delete what you don't need

- share your copy with me


Continue working 




Glebe's WWII soldiers Remix

Work on your memorial


Glebe's WWII soldiers Remix

Work on your memorial





Glebe's WWII soldiers Remix

Memorial Due today


Memory Box


December 2

Unit 4 Post War Canada


Unit Introduction - Was Canada Optimistic or Pessimistic at this time?

The Cold War Begins Power Point

Dec. 3 


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