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Unit 2 - First World War and Twenties - 1914-1929 (2P)

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Unit Question - 1914-1929: A Time of Progress?


Unit Tasks - Proving Progress and Decline - can be done orally (interview) or written


Unit Consolidation:

1) Add events to the class timeline - see example here - groups decide which events are most significant, defend them and class votes on which go on the wall. You can colour code the events - more pride or more shame or neutral
2) At the end of every unit, check in with the Course Questions using the Skills Inventory and the My Five "Blog Post" (it might work better as a My Three)




Course question introduction: 

Use polleverywhere to generate class criteria for progress and decline

 Journal Reflect: (choose 2)

  • What is the most important kind of decline for you?
  • What is the most important kind of progress?
  • Do you think Canada is progressing or declining today? 




Activity 1:

Causes and Effects of World War I


Product: Sandbox Model (assessment for learning - using evidence and collaboration)


Lecture - Causes of WWI


Groups discuss with chart paper -

Which cause was most significant? Why?


Arms Auction


Journal: What did you learn about the weapons of WWI? What made your auction team effective/ineffective?


Overview of all Western Front battles


Battles Videos People's History - Go Out and Meet Death Bravely


Research a land battle of WWI and create a model of it start at the Canadian War Museum, use texts in class too.


Bring what you need to create a trench model tomorrow 

I will supply: sandbox, some soldiers, some wire

Create a battle scene using  Sandboxes


Journal: Which battle would I rather call in sick for and why?







Activity 2:

First World War - Your Questions and Investigations


Product: Legion Remembrance Contest: Poetry, Art


What are your questions about WWI?

Use the books: History Uncovered and Canadian Sources Investigated to spark your questions - skim through and put sticky notes on the pages you find intriguing.


Form groups to investigate your questions and share out your answers. Ask new questions.

Journal Entry:

3 things I learned

2 things I wonder

1 next step for my skills (inquiry, collaboration, communication, etc.)


Teacher can provide support from the Canada: A People's History Series as appropriate and necessary.


Time to work on and complete your entry for the Legion Remembrance Contest.


Journal Entry: 

What is 1 powerful message that you or your classmates used in your work to show remembrance? Why was it the most powerful?








Activity 3:

Twenties  - A Time of Progress?


Product: Twenties notes (assessment for learning)


Minds On:

Good, Bright Days

Video overview - T-chart - progress/not progress - work in small groups on the white boards to add to your list during and after viewing. Defend using criteria


Twenties: A Time of Progress? - This could be done as a jigsaw where groups read the sections together, or read-aloud by the teacher or some combination.


Journal Entry:

What's the most persuasive evidence you learned to prove progress? What's the most persuasive evidence you learned to prove decline?


Prepare for the Unit Assessment task: Proving Progress and Decline 

Student choice of written answer (timed in class with prep sheet) or oral interview with teacher (with prep sheet).












eptember 30

Oka and the Ethical Dimension

4 corners


Write a letter to the PM, OR

Design a suitable memorial 


ctober 1


Select 2 of 5 items to submit for the 

Unit One Assessment

Complete one for peer review tomorrow


Questions Diagnostic today - how are your questioning Skills?


Group activity - rocket ship



HW: Complete your Unit 1 Assessment Product #1

Draft Product #2


Use the Peer Review to self-check if you understand and are using the Historical Thinking Concept


Unit One Assessment items due by end period today


Mobile Lab 


Peer Review 




Journal: If you could be any Canadian involved in any of the these events, who would you be?


Start think about your Canadian Character for the Memory Box.


What artifact from unit 1 is significant for her/him?


Unit Two: 1914-1929

What causes social upheaval?

Chalkboard Splash

Your ideas 


What questions do you have about this time period?

Your Open and Closed Questions


October 7

Causes of World War I

Road to War Slides 

Take notes


Debate: Which was the most important cause? Why?



The No. 2 Construction Battalion  Lesson


Examining primary sources

Documents (from CSI book)


Generating historical thinking questions.





Finish Construction Battalion - Journal your 3 questions.


Finish Causes of war

- Which one most important?




Watch - Go Out and Meet Death Bravely (People's History)


Create a battle scene from the Somme or Passchendaele in your sandbox.



PD Day no School

October 14

Thanksgiving - No School





Watch Vimy video (People's History)

Journal: Which battle would you call in sick for and why?


Introduce Legion contest assignment.


Examine our Questions - 

Halifax Explosion - watch video clip - what caused it? what were the effects?



Our Questions about the war

- What have we answered so far?

- What further questions do you have?


Choose a question that we have not yet answered and read about it using in class sources.





Report your findings from Our Questions  to the class


Begin working on Legion contest assignment


Full contest Details here



War Art - Mr. Hutchinson


Groups create an image/impression of the war

October 21

Work on Legion contest assignment



Legion contest assignment Due  today for self/peer review.

Don't forget to complete theentry form if you wish to also enter the contest.


WWI Review our Questions

Topic 2 Twenties, a time of progress?:

What is Progress? Establish criteria 


Legion Contest Due Today


What is Progress? What would make a time of Progress? Graffiti activity to create criteria.


Watch selected clips from Good Bright Days.


Were the 20s a Time of Progress according to our criteria?

Our Results


Were the 1920s a time of Progress?

View/read Selected Topicstogether



Bring a shoebox to decorate for tomorrow's class.


Memory Box - Let's Begin


Bring your shoebox to decorate for your character.

October 28


Review and prepare for 1920s assessment


Twenties Assessment


Significance Vote



Unit 3: 1929-45


Topic 1: The Great Depression

How well did the government deal with the depression?


Treatment of the Unemployed - worksheet from CSI textbook





Significance Vote


Intro to Royal Commission assignment or Letter to Government

November 1

Memory Box - Let's Begin


Create your character and put in the first artifact from 1914-1929 - complete significance worksheet





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