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Unit 1 - Course Overview (2P)

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 Unit Question - What is History?


Unit Task - Portfolio of historical thinking - choose 2 of 5 tasks.


Use the Peer Review to self-check if you understand and are using the Historical Thinking Concept


Unit Consolidation:

 Journal entry on the Course Question using the Skills Inventory: What are the skills of history and how did I learn them?  

Journal entry or small group discussion on which of the 5 events is the most significant, using Significance Criteria 






 Introduction activity

 Put the Concept Map in order.   What conclusions can you draw from this activity? Teacher copy (answer) 

     Journal Reflect: 

  • How has your idea of what history is changed?

Course question introduction: 

What things do you think make a great country? Small groups - vote and rank

Class criteria for a great country

 Journal Reflect:

  • Is Canada a great country today? What evidence is there?
  • Would someone living in Canada in 1913 have the same list as us? What would be different? 





Activity 1:

Prohibition and Cause and Consequence


Product: Diamond Ranking and Paragraph - most influential cause


Cause and Consequence and Prohibition (slides)


Predict - Why would the Canadian government have banned alcohol in 1916? Our Predictions


Journal Reflection: What predicted cause of prohibition from our list do you think is the most likely factor in causing it? 


Minds On: How is alcohol regulated in Canada today?

Which of these regulations do you have a "why?" question about?


Cause and Consequence slides 



Video - People's History Episode 12 - Our Investment of Blood (14:23)

Reading from History Uncovered p. 52-53



Diamond Ranking Organizer and paragraph


Journal Reflection How did my ideas about the causes of Prohibition change?



Activity 2:

Japanese Internment and Historical Perspective


Product: Bio-poem 


Historical Perspective-Taking and Japanese Internment  (slides)


 Watch Minoru: A Memory of Exile


Write some lines on your own, then in groups on chart paper - peer assess looking for impact, perspectives, anachronisms etc.


Journal Reflection:

What is your best line and why?


What is a question you still have about internment?


Activity 3:

Cold War and Change and Continuity 


Product: Cold War Timeline with : Attitude Example from the Big SixPlace the events above or below the line


Continuity and Change and the Cold War (slides)


Minds On: 

Watch TC2 Continuity and Change videoAnalyze  Lisgar picture 1903



Look at Cold War Video clips - What has changed? What are the continuities?



Create your timeline with attitude or Timeitude


Journal Reflection: Pick 2 events and explain your placement.


Activity 4:

October Crisis and Significance


Product: A) Letter to the museum's CEO Mark O'Neill OR  B) Design the exhibit which will show people why it's significant


Historical Significance and the October Crisis (slides)


Minds On:  

October Crisis: Predict what it might be about based on the pictures



Read the summary (from Historica) and Code the Text


Apply Significance Criteria (from Historical Thinking Project)



Small groups design exhibit


Journal Reflection: 

Which exhibit do you think best conveyed historical significance?

Activity 5:

Oka Crisis and Primary Sources and the Ethical Dimension 


Product: Design a memorial or write a letter to the PM


Evidence, Ethical Dimension and Oka (slides)


Evidence Activity - I Left a Trace from The Big Six


Minds On:

Examine the photo, generate questions to ask of primary sources. Compare to these questions from the Big Six



Read the summary, examine the evidence - news clips, maps, articles - teachers need to select readings appropriate to class


Could alternatively view Khanehsetake: 70 Years of Resistance



Journal Reflection: Why is it important to look at many sources of information about Oka?


The Ethical Dimension: 4 corners discussion


Journal Reflection: What should the Canadian government do today about the Oka crisis?









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