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This site contains the work of grade 10 Canadian History students of Glebe Collegiate who have researched one of our former Glebe students who served in World War II and who fell in the line of duty. The site is constantly under construction and we welcome corrections, suggestions and contributions.


If you are a relative or a researcher and have more information/expertise to share with us, please contact me by requesting access to the site.


Peter Adams

Brief History: Peter Adams was born January 1st, New years day, 1917. He was born in Vancouver and lived on 80 Henderson Avenue Unit 80, Ottawa, Ontario. He was the son of Socrates Adams. No records of his mother which lead me to believe she may have died or left the family. Peter spoke English and Greek at home which leads me to believe he is Greek. His dad having a Greek name also, Socrates. It was very common for immigrants to change there name into some more Canadian like Adams, but sometimes the sign up agent could not be able to spell their last name and just make one up. Adams was very short, 5 feet 2 inches, and weighed in at 136 pounds and had brown eyes, with glasses, and excellent health. His occupation was labourer; someone who works with his hands and does manual labour. Adams was under educated, as he had attended one year of high school in Glebe and left Glebe when he was sixteen. He never recieved his high school diploma. Peter Adams enjoyed skiing, softball where he played third base , and basketball where his position was third wing. Peter was a single christian though he did not show great signs of religion after enlistment.

Service History: Peter Adams enlisted on July 17 1940, Vancouver, British Columbia. Reason for employment was most likely that he was under educated so he wanted a better paying job. He was put in the army and his rank was a Fusilier, an infantryman armed with a light musket. He trained in Vancouver for 44 days (17-7-40 to 30-8-40). Then Adams trained in Prince Rupert for five months and three days (30-8-40 to 2-5-41). During his stay in Prince Rupert he had a number of detentions for his inapproapriate behaviour. Adams was not a perfect soldier. He recieved multiple detentions and forfeit of pay during his time in Prince Rupert. "Awarded" detention for conduct to the prejudice and forfeited for things like being AWOL (Away without leave) and breaking out of barracks. Adams continued to move around in British Columbia in different training camps and continued his behavior, getting drunk and more offences, which probably was caused by stress. Peter was granted nearly two weeks of furlough with pay and he went to Vancouver, most likely to see his dad. Finally, on June 14, 1942 he was shipped overseas to the United Kingdom. Adams arrived on to land ten days later. In England his attitude was changed, he was more focused because he did not get into any trouble anymore. His unit, The Loyal Edmonton Regiment, was training in England from 1939 and had to participate in the invasion of Sicily in 1943. Peter Adams was engaged in the invasion of Sicily and lived.

Death and Memorial: Peter Adams died November 13, 1944 in Italy. The cause of death was classified as multiple injuries (not in battle) and an accident. Adams' death was caused by major injuries, he collided with another truck with his own while he was moving cargo. Few soldiers wish to die this way in the middle of war. His deceased papers were shipped back to Vancouver, BC to his father, Socrates Adams.

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