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Glebe's Virtual War Memorial

Page history last edited by Rachel Collishaw 3 years, 3 months ago



The Virtual Memorial has migrated


Please click here for the new site!




This site contains the work of grade 10 Canadian History students of Glebe Collegiate who have researched one of our former Glebe students who served in World War II and who fell in the line of duty. The site is constantly under construction and we welcome corrections, suggestions and contributions.


If you are a relative or a researcher and have more information/expertise to share with us, please contact me by requesting access to the site.


Photos of Names on the plaques:

Adams to Bradley, Robert

Bradley, Royden to Collis


Connor to Dunlevie

Dunlop to Graham

Stackhouse to Wyse


Student Instructions for posting your work.  Research Sources for World War II including citation method



Table of Contents: Use the names below to navigate through the alphabetical list 


Adams, Peter

Aitkenhead, Lloyd Duncan

Allen, Fred Charles

Anderson, James Blain

Anderson, Peter Gordon

Arneil, Douglas, James

Ault, Arthur Wellington

Baldwin, William, Henry

Bennett, Thomas Lloyd

Berry, Douglas Elliott

Blake, Richard Barnett

Blakeney, Lester Ferguson

Bonell, William Stewart

Boomer Kenneth Arthur

Booth, George Arnold

Bosloy, Philip

Botten, Eric Douglas

Boucher, Thomas Gerald

Bourdon, Gregory Ross

Boyle, John G.

Bradley, John Lloyd Russell

Bradley, Robert Joseph

Bradley, Royden, Garfield

Bradshaw, Richard Albert

Breadner, Donald Lloyd

Buchanan, John Donald

Bussell, Arthur Allen

Butterworth, Robert Stuart

Byshe, Arthur G.

Caldwell, Carl Ernest

Cameron, Earl W.

Cameron, Robert L.

Cantrill, Charles, T.

Carmichael, John W.

Charron, Arthur E.

Cheetham, Gerald H.

Clarke, Robert W.

Code, Peter B.

Cole, Saxon M.

Collingwood, J. Vincent

Collis, S. Reginald

Connor, Donald D.

Coughlin, Clifton

Courtright, Homer C.

Courtright, Joseph W.

Cowan, Weldon E.

Cowley, Robert H.

Crockatt, David

Cummings, Ellard A.

Cummings, Kenneth G.

Dadson, Donald

Darling, Gordon J.

Darling, Sidney

Darragh, Francis W.

Dean, T. Malcom

Detlor, Perry

Dewar, Eric C.

Donald. Douglas, N.

Dowd, Elbert W.

Dunlevie, Sidney

Dunlop, T. Edwin

Eagleson, James L.

Earls, J. John

Eastman, Donald M.

Eddy, Dudley I.

Engler, Joseph L.

Ernst, William B.

Fisher, Harold C.

Foster, William M.

Foy, Dennis

Fresque, Leonard N.

Gabie, Earle

Gardiner, J. Edwin

Garland, Stewart F.

Garrett, Eric T.

Gilchrist, Donald R.

Goodwin, George J.

Goold, George G.

Graham, Robert M.

Graves, William d.

Halcro, Frank

Hale, A. Cecil

Hall, Clement W.

Harrington, William H.

Higgins, Arnold

Hogg, James E.

Holland, John J.

Howe, T. Edward G.

Hunter, Archibald

Hunter, Calvert H.

Hutt, Donald

Hydes, Harry G.J.

Ide, Douglas, G.

Irwin, David L.

Jamieson, John

Jeffrey, George W.

Johnson, A. John

Kennedy, Donald S.

Kennedy, Wilfrid G.

Kerr, C. Williams

Lidington, Gerald

Little, W. Robert

Livingston, John A.

Lochnan, Peter W.

MacDonald, Ashley K.

MacDonald, Colin S.

MacDonald, John A.

MacDonald, Neil R.F.

MacIntyre, John S.

MacLean, A. Kenneth

MacLean, G. Murray

MacNeil, John

MacNeill, Norman A.

McCallum, Robert J.

McCann, Eric W.

McCann, Leonard M.

McCrum, C.J. Frederick

McFarlane, Alexander I. (check plaque)

McKenna, Donald

McLachlin, William M.

McLean, G. Daryll

McMahon, M.J. Vincent

McMillan, David J.

McWilliam, Frederick

Maundrell, C. Richard

Maynard, John R.

Millar, James R.

Miller, John D.

Minard, A. Murray

Moffit, Frank

Monck, Russell M.

Moodie, M. Donald

Morehouse, Winston H.

Morrison, V. Merrill

Morrison, William R.

Murchison, R. Bruce

Murphy, William J.

Naylor, Firle, E.

Nettleton, T. Gordon

Niblock, Z. Manford

O’Leary, Owen A.

Olmsted, Charles, R.

Orme, Frank K.

Owens, J. Summer

Palmer, Lionel M.

Patterson, John R.

Pattison, John D.

Pavely, William G.

Pearson, Jack A.

Phillips, S. Alexander

Player, James K.

Pollock, Bruce

Post, Willard I.

Powell, David H.

Powis, Ralph E.

Price, David M.

Prosperine, J. Frank

Prosser, Robert H.

Quinlan, Francis

Ralph, Howard P.

Read, Montague F.B.

Reynolds, G. Gilbert

Rheaume, S. Earl

Richard, Robert L.

Richardson, Denis J.

Robertson, David B.

Robinson, Eldred

Rogers, Franklin, A.

Rombough, John N.

Scollon, Clyde

Shearn, Donald F.

Slack, Warren, O.

Smith, Donald

Smith, Stuart, E.

Stackhouse, Donald

Steeves, Warwick, E.W.

Sterling, Donald J.

Stewart, Douglas, H.

Stewart, Fern

Stewart, Richard Norman

Tabor, Jack, F.E.

Taylor, William, M.

Thom, William C.

Townsend, John

Turner, Allan B.

Watterson, Irwin A.

Wetmore Linley D

Whyte, Robert L.

Wilkins, H. Archibald

Wilkinson, Arthur C.

Willett, Donald A.

Williams, Thomas R.

Windeler, William J.

Wright, Bernard

Wright, Keith F.

Wyse, George P.


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