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Research Sources WWII

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 Starting Resources to find your soldier


The Canadian Virtual War Memorial

- Search for your soldier's last name to find a picture of the book of remembrance, cemetery information and any photos or news clippings


Commonwealth War Graves Commission


The Books of Remembrance.


If your soldier attended Queen's University, the archives there has photos and brief records of all of their fallen.



General Research


 Museum of Civilization - Newspaper articles and context on every topic of the war.

Veterans Affairs - Second World War - all major Canadian battles and events described.


Veterans Affairs - Medals of the Second World War



CBC Archives


 Resources for the Air Force and Bomber Command 


Heroes Remember Bomber Command - Veterans describe life in Bomber Command


Bomber Command Museum in Nanton, Alberta - Includes pictures of the Canadian memorial and you can search your soldier's name to get date of death and flying unit.


Canadian Warplane Heritage - find the plane your soldier flew
The RCAF Overseas - descriptions of all theatres of operation and squadrons described


British Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum in Brandon MB LOTS of information here



Info on Wireless operator and Airgunner
Info on trucks and planes used by the RCAF

 Info on Navigator and Bomb Aimer
Info on Government issued supplies
Pilot emergency equipment


Royal Canadian Air Force Wiki
RCAF Juno Beach website

First Hand Accounts


Heroes Remember - search by campaign at Veteran's Affairs Canada


Citing Your Sources

You must cite your sources using Chicago Format  

Generating your list of works cited: 

Go to Easybib.com and enter the title of the book or website. Click cite this. Review the information, enter additional info and click Create Citation. Copy this to your web page




Number 413 bomber squadron was posted in North Africa to bomb Italian rail junctions, freight yards, harbours and airfields in preparation for the allied landings in Sicily in May and June 1943 [1]


Sample Bibilography:

[1]"Bomber Command | Timeline - World War II | History | Royal Canadian Air Force | DND/CF ." Royal Canadian Air Force. Department of National Defense, 3 Apr. 2009. Web. 1 May 2012.
[2]Santor, Donald M.. Canadians at war, 1939-1945. Toronto: Prentice-Hall of Canada, 1979. Print.
Here is a sample citation for your soldier's military file that you can use and modify:
"Adam, Peter." Military Files 1942-1944. Library and Archives Canada.



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