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Teacher Workshops

Page history last edited by Rachel Collishaw 4 years, 6 months ago

My Blog: Re:weaving History

Has stories, reflections and examples of student work and context. Links back to many of the resources here


Workshops Presented


The/La Collaborative - OHASSTA November 2019

Accessing post-secondary experts to support and enhance your students' inquiries in social sciences and humanities. A collaboration with Dr. Sandra Lapointe at McMaster University. 

The Collaborative website


You want me to read what? - OHASSTA November 2018

Exploring disciplinary literacy strategies in Social Science class (HSP3C and HSP3UF) developed within the OCDSB Planning and Assessment Network


Overview Video                Materials Folder



Why are people so mean? - OHASSTA November 2017

An assessment task for HSP3U/C developed within the OCDSB Planning and Assessment Network


Historical Thinking in the Classroom - Historical Thinking Summer Institute July 2017, Ottawa

A short presentation for teachers, museum professionals, archivists, and researchers


Historical Thinking for Literate, Numerate, Critical Thinkers - Feb 17, 2017

Presented at the OCDSB CWS PD day February 2017


Station Rotation in Civics Class - OCDSB Canadian and World Studies PD Day February 2017

A blended learning activity series developed with funding from the OTF TLC project



Association for Canadian Studies - October 21, 2016

Assessing Historical Thinking: A classroom perespective


History Uncovered - OHASSTA November 2014

New resource from Nelson for teaching Applied History.



Historical Thinking CDSBEO Nov. 13, 2014


Slides Part I  Slides Part II - This is my general Historical Thinking Workshop that can be adapted to any group.

Supporting resources

Glebe History Day Conference - New course culminating activities Jan 2015

Poll Everywhere - tech tool

Padlet  - tech tool



Historical Thinking 7/8/10 Networks OCDSB May 21, 2014

Site with slides, resources and other items from the day


Primary Source Analysis Interview


Canada's History Webinar slides presented Feb. 13, 2014

For recorded webinar and Q&A see Canada's History Educational Webinars


Revised assignment January 2013

See below for French versions



Historical Thinking Project - AGM 2014

Publisher's Panel - The Big Six and History Uncovered on behalf of Nelson



OHASSTA November 2013

From Prohibition to Oka - Introducing Historical Thinking through 5 key events of the 20th century (CHC2D/P)



Historical Thinking Society AGM and Conference 

January 16, 2013.  Plenary Session: Linking Concepts, Content and Competencies in the Classroom


See materials below for the Summative Interview in French and English


Introductory Unit overview  

For specific materials used, refer to the CHC2D course page and the Glebe Library resources page

Materials for the introductory unit available in French on request: rachel.collishaw@ocdsb.ca



The Summative Interview: Not the same old Exam

 Presented at OHASSTA 2012 in collaboration with Jessica Alletson


Presentation Notes In Google presentation format


The Interview: Student Handout Last revised June 2012.  

The last page prints on legal size, but we copy/zoom onto Ledger size and put the 4 historical thinking templates on the back.  This becomes the students' folder and they can keep additional notes inside of it.


Sommatif Orale - the worksheets in French

Rubrique en Francais - Another version of the assessment.


Pictures for the Interview as of January 2013

These were selected by our team based on issues and events that we had discussed in detail and that we felt said a lot about the era and the themes of the course.  Feel free to select your own events and issues.  We often shrink these when photocopying but provide web access to the full size colour images. We now actually offer students the option to choose their own document from the course or one from the selection.


Can Your Students Pass the CRAAP test? Presented at OHASSTA 2011


Workshop overview and handouts


CRAAP test - the original source Merriam Library, California State University Chico


CRAAP test student checklist



Sandbox 101 - Presented with Susan Pannell-Barrett at OHASSTA 2010, OCDSB Feb. 2011

Using Sandboxes in the history classroom!

Workshop Slides

Archaeological Dig activity

Greatest Civilization Storyboard assignment

          Many thanks to the award winning teachers at Markville High School for these activities!


Aurore HSP3M Summative - presented at OCDSB subject council PD Feb. 2010

Many thanks to Diane Ballantyne in Fergus, ON for this fabulous summative project!


Workshop slides - coming soon

Teacher Guide - coming soon

Children's Aid Society Webquest

Interesting Times Article Questions

Tasks 1-5

Final steps to the summative

Final Summative task

Canadian Mysteries - Aurore the mystery of the martyred child


About the 2005 film: Aurore


Related, supplementary materials (I often cover these earlier in the course - social institutions...)

Jeffrey Baldwin and Spanking Article Questions (John Hoffman - Today's Parent)




Mental Illness in HSP3M - Presented at OHASSTA 2009

Workshop Slides

Slides to use in class

Student Handout

Lesson Plan - on the OSSTF website - socially based curriculum units

CMHA - Canadian Mental Health Association - for great example PSAs

CAMH - Canadian Addiction and Mental Health - check here to find your local speakers' bureau

TAMI - Talking About Mental Illness, a great resource

Schizophrenia Society - for finding out about local "Open the Doors" events at mental health centres with psychiatrists and peer speakers

Exemplar of an excellent student-made radio ad - you may need to download "winamp" to be able to play it.



What is History and Why Should I Learn It? - Presented at OHASSTA 2009

An introductory unit for CHC2D or any history course

Workshop Slides

Lesson Plans and Student Handout

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